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Griffin Spotlight: Ian Tan relies on trust and listening to build lasting relationships

Griffin Spotlight: Ian Tan

The Griffin Spotlight is back! As you know, in our Meet the Griffin Series, we present an outstanding employee we feel embodies Axway’s culture and is an excellent example of commitment, achievement, journey, motivation, and work ethic.

Last time, we flew to Germany to meet with Elena Hansen, who is in charge of Alliances and Partnerships for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

This time, we travel to the southern hemisphere, to a beautiful sunny island about one degree north of the equator, Singapore, to meet Ian Tan, South Asia’s Senior Director. Thank you, Ian, for your availability, positive mindset, and inspiring interactions.

 Ian Tan’s job

Ian started his career at Axway back in 2007 as Partnership Sales at Tumbleweed, which was acquired by Axway in 2008.

Today, Ian is in charge of the South Asia activities and a key member of Axway’s global family.

Ian’s approach to the job

Building trust is the most important part of Ian’s work, both with external and internal stakeholders. For him, trust is the most powerful currency for connection, it’s a key leadership attribute that can be built over zoom or in person, with the right attitude.

“Trust does not require big actions. Just the right attitude. It may sound like a cliché, but I am constantly reminding myself of it.”


Ian draws all his energy and strength from teamwork. In sales or a project, success is always attributed to a team that gathers their skills and knowledge and collaboratively makes things happen.

“Being able to bring together these individuals of different strengths and recognizing their contribution is what makes it even more inspirational.”

The best part of the job

For Ian, the best part of the job is to meet with people and listen to them. Listening is not only the gateway to less firefighting and more productivity, but also a way to create more connections, build better relationships, and achieve a more fulfilling work/life balance.

“I have the best connection with my clients because I am happy to hear them out. Even when they complain, I listen because it’s a great opportunity to learn more about their current situation and build further our relationship.”

What do you like most about working at Axway?

The family spirit of Axway and the comradeship built through the years is what Ian likes the most.

The people we work with, truly are our extended family. Hence, the quality of our relationships with them directly impacts the quality of our lives.

Ian’s advice

“Be mindful to observe, listen, connect, and experience from different aspects of things and people.”

For Ian, the ability to see and appreciate the big picture would allow you to put the jigsaw puzzles together one piece at a time. Every mentor you encounter during your professional journey will only help build your strengths and make your progress towards the person you want to be.

Philosophy for life

“Stay true to yourself. We do not need to win over everyone, nor do we have the time for it. But it’s a relationship that adds value to our life, then it’s worth calibrating our approach.”


During his free time, Ian enjoys spending time with his family (and, of course, listening to them), running, and diving. He is looking forward to visiting again the colorful marine world.

Come visit Singapore!

Singapore is a stop you wouldn’t want to miss at the crossroads of Asia.

“You will find different cultures, ethnicity, and religions, all living together harmoniously in a stable, safe, modern city island. However, what was depicted in the Hollywood movie Crazy Rich Asians was too skewed. When the border opens, come experience it for yourself, you will be crazy not to.”

Thank you, Ian, for listening and be such an inspiration. We feel like we need to follow more your advice.

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