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Fábio Jacinto our Griffin Spotlight — bringing success to Latin America


Every month, in our “Meet the Griffin” Series, Axway presents an outstanding employee we feel embodies Axway’s culture and is a great example of commitment, achievement, journey, motivation, and work ethic.

Last month in our Griffin Series, you met Bonnie Rietz, a Senior Renewal Specialist from Phoenix.

This month, we are proud to fly to Brazil to feature Fábio Jacinto, our DSS (Digital Success Specialists) Project Manager for Latin America.

Fábio Jacinto: Background and job  

Fábio Jacinto has been working with Axway products since 2006. He started in consultancy and later worked in the Support, Services, and the Pre-sales Departments.

In 2013, Axway opened an office in Brazil, and Fábio joined the team in the Services department to branch out as a project manager for LATAM.

Fábio is responsible for the projects and their secure delivery to customers. He also works in the DSS organization as Practice Leader LATAM for Amplify Managed File Transfer and Amplify B2B Integration.

Fábio’s approach to the job

Honesty and objectiveness are first-rate beliefs for Fábio’s approach to the job. He trusts that every relationship, be it professional or personal, grows from this perspective.

Inspiration on the job

For Fábio, the most inspiring part of his job is seeing how projects take shape over time. With sound delivery, they come together seamlessly.

“The position is about customer relationships. When you have a solid foundation, all good things follow.”

Axway’s culture is part of what Fábio likes best. He works with a great team in Brazil and around the globe. Fábio is very thankful for all the great opportunities that Axway has provided him as an employee.

Personal advice for the job on your career path

For Fábio, when you plan to work in IT, you always should start with technical support. It’s a great way to discover the products and how customers interact with them.

From there, you have a basic overview of the job and you can create a solid foundation that helps you in the future.

The knowledge acquired at the beginning of his career in technical support has helped Fábio throughout his career with complex projects for the last 22 years.

Philosophy for life

Fábio’s philosophy stems from one word resilience.

He knows that resilience is the individual’s ability to deal with problems, adapt to changes, overcome obstacles, or withstand the pressure of adverse situations. Fábio follows this philosophy and never gives up trying.

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Fábio loves to travel with his wife. He also loves to watch movies, TV series, and go to different restaurants. Two years ago, life changed for the better, and their daughter was born. Now they love to spend their time walking around the neighborhood and enjoying their life together.

Axway salutes Fábio Jacinto for bringing his strong attention to detail and a solid work ethic to LATAM.

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