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Axway’s Digital Marketing team rocks Seattle

Digital Marketing team

What a great week it was for getting together and collaborating with the Axway Digital Marketing team in Seattle, Washington.

Every day after breakfast at the Residence Inn Marriott in downtown Seattle in Lake Union, the Digital Marketing team gathered together for exciting presentations from different team members and brainstorming sessions.

Digital Marketing team

Day one

Our fearless leader, Stéphane Castellani, started off the event with a rousing presentation on team directions and objectives. Charles Cihon, our global website development team manager, then provided us with updates on the website team.

We then continued with Marissa Ventriello and her service-desk presentation, followed by a blog’s overview and marketing integration by Rupak Nepali. Then, Christophe Ganieux presented us with a presentation on backlog, sprint, and roadmap presentation, as the team starts adopting the Scrum methodology.

Todd Holbrook continued with a speech about video marketing which kept us captivated. Charles ended the afternoon meetings with the first metrics of our new axway.com website. It made for terrific team spirit and collaboration.

After lunch, Todd did an incredible job of planning exciting trips for the team to experience in Seattle. Our first adventure took flight at Boeing!


A world-class tour was provided of the Boeing facilities that blew everyone’s mind. To quote the great slogan, “If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going!”


The enjoyment continued later in the day with a beautiful boat cruise around the Seattle harbor. 


Argosy cruises provided a lovely overview of the lay of the land.


Day two

Our morning meetings got off to a fun start with a presentation on the campaign process and later website-funnel metrics by our growth hacker Kasia Jezuit. Then, our digital ads manager, Sarah Sehgal, filled us in on our exciting advertising strategy.

Marissa then gave an interesting presentation on the metrics of our new resource library powered by Uberflip. We concluded the meetings with content marketing tactics for Q3 by Josh Molina and myself.

Not to be outdone by day one, Todd came up with another fun itinerary that did not disappoint. We went to Puzzle Break and “Escaped the Midnight Carnival” with six minutes to spare, making us part of the 10% most successful teams of the game—how’s that for team collaboration! The puzzle was a real team effort to solve the mystery within one hour. Axway Marketing team met the challenge head-on and succeeded!


We then moved on to an exciting networking event at Galvanize, as well as Q&A with Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz.com. He promoted his book, Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World. He gave an upbeat speech on the pros and cons of startups, as well as moving on from a successful venture and onto another startup.


Day three

Day three was the last of our meetings. We started off with an informative presentation by Josh Molina on the social media process. Erin Bailey gave an excellent presentation on the upcoming VoiceStorm certification to help our sales teams keep improving their skills on social selling, as well as the developer community around Appcelerator.com. This wrapped up a great end to our collaborative spirit and meetings.

We then went to have a group and single-shot photo taken together amongst the water and natural backdrop of Seattle.

Todd also taped us for YouTube as we plan to release self-introduction videos on our corporate YouTube channel very shortly.

After our video adventures, we took a tour of the Living Computers Museum + Labs. “Living Computers Museum + Labs provides a one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience with computer technology from the 1960s to the present.”

We discovered fascinating information about the origins of computers, it’s truly amazing to see how far we have come!


To top off all the excitement of the past three days, we ended the evening with a trip to the Space Needle. It doesn’t get more thrilling than going to the top of the needle to see all of Seattle at your feet.


Sadly, all great things must come to an end and we all said our good-byes to depart to different cities and countries on Thursday.

A successful outcome for the Axway Digital Marketing team all around.

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