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Chantal Roudil D’Ajoux brings 20+ years of team collaboration to Axway

Chantal Roudil D'Ajoux

Chantal Roudil D’Ajoux brings her great work ethic to Axway. With over 20 years at the company, she has been a part of the Axway landscape and has gained wonderful insight into her position.

Chantal Roudil D’Ajoux and her origins

As Axway’s Marketing Assistant in Paris, Chantal Roudil D’Ajoux is your go-to lady for just about everything. Her knowledge and skill set are boundless. She started working over 35 years ago in various sectors and companies such as Caisse des Dépôts, Clarins, Bayer and for ready-to-wear designers.

She began her journey being in charge of organizing fashion shows and marketing of new collections abroad. From there, Chantal arrived as a temporary worker for three weeks at Sopra and voilà, she has been with Axway ever since–20 years and counting.

Chantal’s special skill set

Chantal’s special skill set of being fluent in German (she grew up in the German-speaking part of Switzerland), French and English have helped her within an international company. Her position has evolved over the years at Axway. Furthermore, Chantal’s work missions have expanded and have gone global. She has gained vast autonomy and “adaptability” with different job responsibilities and her managers over time. A day doesn’t go by without Chantal conversing in different languages.

Chantal’s evolving career

When Chantal started in Marketing 20 years ago, it was a small group of employees. Today, she is responsible for taking care of all of Europe, as well as APAC (where she is recognized as the point of contact). This represents a team of over 28 people.

With Chantal’s dedication to her job, her colleagues have immense admiration for her contribution to the team. She is relied upon for her knowledge of her position, as well as her kind and friendly disposition. Read another Life at Axway story when the Direct Marketing team rocked Seattle.

Over the years, Chantal has blossomed with exceptional confidence and reliability. Her position requires her to have extensive contact and interaction with different members of the company. Working within a large team is part of her daily job, along with working with deadlines which Chantal always meets on time.

What Chantal loves about the job

What Chantal really loves about her position is that she is never bored in her job. She has many roles and responsibilities wrapped up into one as the Marketing Assistant for a large group.

She has great autonomy, which allows her to work effectively. The Marketing team has great trust in Chantal and they know that they can rely on her to get the job done in a timely manner.

Further, Chantal enjoys growing and evolving within the company. She has learned many things over the years via different cultures and processes, such as new tools that apply within Axway.

Chantal really appreciates supporting different events in France and Europe, as well as with the Financial Communications division. Teamwork and the end result are most valued by Chantal.

A beautiful getaway

In her downtime, she loves to spend time with her husband, Stéphane, and daughter, Léna, as well as her many friends who adore her. As a family, they love to escape to Greece during their holidays and school breaks to visit their other love, Tinos, and Athens.

The lure of the Greek islands calls Chantal every holiday. Chantal adores Greek culture and food. Her dream is to retire in Greece and live out her later years with a gorgeous sunset. It sounds like a beautiful idea!

Thank you, Chantal Roudil D’Ajoux, for all you do to make the Marketing team run so effortlessly. Here’s to your wonderful 20-year contribution to Axway.

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