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From Google to Axway: Brian Pagano brings a new vibe to Axway

Brian Pagano

Making the decision to leave his position at Google to head up Axway’s Catalyst team, Brian Pagano wasn’t certain how much of a culture shock he would experience in his new adventure. But Brian says his transition to Axway has been a terrific experience all around.

 “I’ve been very impressed with the people, their desire to be open to trying new things, along with the overall vibe of the company.”

The Brian Pagano story

Brian has a deep background in technology and APIs, having served as VP of Digital Success at Apigee and then a Global Platform Strategist at Google. As the Senior Director of the Catalysts at Axway, Brian Pagano spends his time working with sales on strategic deals, and working with the marketing teams on thought-leadership content.

What are the Catalysts?

As a small group of vastly skilled and talented coworkers, the Catalysts bring a unique set of corresponding skills to work together in collaboration for Axway. This helps to form the rock-star group, the Catalysts. This niche group allows for their expertise and abilities to speed up digital transformation.

The team’s proficiencies are in hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™ (HIP) and API specialization. When working internally, they collaborate to bring parties together to drive change through digital transformation.

Outwardly, the team works to bring a counseling approach to new and existing clients that are focusing on API and HIP tactics. The Catalysts are professionals that are trained with know-how and advice that bring real answers to customers’ questions.

Brian’s approach to the job!

Brian’s approach to the job is two-fold. “We have a broader perspective that is possible for the customer to have on their own,” says Brian. In Brian’s position as Senior Director of the Catalysts, he visits hundreds of companies across the world.

Thanks to Brian’s approach to the position, he says, “It’s important to bring exceptional advice, trends, and unique perspectives that the customer needs to succeed.” For Brian, his goal isn’t to sell them, but to be their trusted advisor.

Brian Pagano gives a presentation in Sydney.
Brian Pagano gives a presentation in Sydney.

The best part of the job!

The best part of the job for Brian is when he arrives at the destination and he gets up on stage or in a room with a potential customer. “It’s fantastic,” he says. Communication of complex ideas is what Brian adores.

He enjoys telling entertaining stories that help guide customers to make the right decisions regarding the products. This is a very satisfying aspect of being Senior Director of the Catalysts.

Personal advice

When it comes to Brian’s personal advice regarding those who want to take his career path, Brian recommends “reading a wide variety of books, especially those related to the job.” It takes a great deal of confidence, as well as experience to be in this position.

Furthermore, this position requires a tremendous amount of public speaking and a strong skill-set. Stage fright will not do you any good in a position of this magnitude.

Brian’s philosophy for life!

Brian is deeply influenced by Classical Greek thinkers. His personal mantra is “pebbles on the pile.” This saying addresses Brian’s approach to tackling large goals such as learning a foreign language, writing a book or getting fit. “A pebble goes on the pile every day; eventually, the pebbles start to build into a mountain,” says Brian.


With Brian’s active schedule, he also needs some downtime. Brian says he loves reading, linguistics, philosophy, and games. But his single greatest passion is music. His house is filled with many musical instruments, along with elaborate speakers.

Thank you, Brian Pagano, for all you do to take the Catalysts to exciting new heights for Axway.

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