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Griffin Spotlight: Bonnie Rietz brings different perspectives to Axway

Bonnie Rietz

In our previous Meet the Griffins series, we presented Jeroen Delbarre, a Product Manager for AMPLIFY™ from our Belgium office. Today, we cross the pond and head to Phoenix to meet Bonnie Rietz, a Senior Renewal Specialist.

Wearing many hats

Bonnie has been with Axway for over 15 years. She started in Marketing, working on Demand Generation, and ended up managing Customer Program’s initiatives, including References and User Groups.

Bonnie later joined the Customer Success Organization in 2011, supporting global Maintenance Renewals — specifically in LATAM, APAC, and Financial Services for North America. This position gave her great experience with other global team members.

“It’s important to get different perspectives on our actions, to enable us to make the best decisions for the business.”

Today, as a Senior Renewal Specialist, Bonnie and the Recurring Revenue and Renewals team contribute to over 70% of Axway’s revenue by extending and expanding existing contracts. They partner with many of the teams inside Axway to achieve this goal. This includes Customer Success, Sales, IT, Legal, Finance, and Order Management.

Bonnie currently supports the Subscription and Maintenance Renewal business in North America and works with her counterparts across the globe to define and deploy Best Practices for our Recurring Revenue and Renewals team. Bonnie also enjoys working with the teams outside of the Business Unit for wider scope and visibility.  

Bonnie finds inspiration from a strong, dedicated team, including those in other departments that support the team daily. For Bonnie, even if it sometimes feels like a simple transaction to renew maintenance, cloud, or a subscription agreement, everything she does has an impact on Axway. So she feels it’s her responsibility to have that larger picture in mind as she approaches each renewal.

“It feels great when everything is aligned between our systems or teams — even if it took a while to get there.”

The best part of working at Axway

For Bonnie, the answer is simple — the people are the best part of Axway! This starts with long-time employees, as well as new ones because they care about doing the job right. Bonnie has learned a lot from their example and dedication to the job.

Personal advice for the job

Bonnie says, “If you don’t know, ask.” Don’t wait for someone else to read your mind or lead you along – that’s a disservice to you and others.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help, as long as you put the work in making sure you know how to get the right answer and be able to explain how you got there.

Philosophy for life

It’s important to learn from our mistakes. This means owning up to the mistake and taking action to learn why it happened as well as fix it. Bonnie’s philosophy for life is no finger-pointing, no “that’s not my job/problem” excuses — learn and move on.

“We cannot learn or improve without mistakes and a learning curve. It’s what we do after that matters.”

Bonnie is an Arizona native and is married with two children. She and her family love to spend their time outdoors — hiking, fishing, hunting, camping. They also love to spend time in the White Mountains during the summer months, but the desert is what they love best.

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Thank you, Bonnie, for your hard work and dedication to Axway as a Senior Renewal Specialist within the Recurring Revenue and Renewals team.

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