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How employee unity can be a force for good

How employee unity can be a force for good

Teamwork is based on trust between and among individuals, and this concept shines clearly in the example of a band that plays music together.

Think about it: the drummer keeping tempo, the lead guitarist leading the melody, the bassist providing harmony. The saxes and keyboard and vocals must all be delivered with precision in order to produce a beautiful sound all in unison.

No one instrument is as powerful alone as it is when played together with the whole band!

Likewise, the focus on building connection at work, which in a world full of remote teamwork, is inarguably valuable.

Better Together at Axway

That’s why this year at Axway, we have been sharing and saying, again and again, our new motto, “Better Together.” It has been a simple reminder that teamwork and our core values go a long way in making Axway such a great place to work.

Over the last year, nine of our talented employees at Axway came together to form a band, playing after work during the week. They did such a fine job that they were commissioned to produce a song, called “Better Together.” That song continues to be available for download, with all proceeds being donated to a local non-profit organization, called SOUNDS Academy – an organization that provides music education to children in need. Employees and friends have also been directly donating to this great cause!


We are happy to share with you now the official music video of “Better Together,” by The GRIFFTONES! We are proud to see them play on the rooftop of our headquarters office building in Phoenix.

“Better Together” has resonated throughout the global offices of Axway and has now spilled out into our communities. We hope the song inspires teamwork and collaboration within your own workplace and with your local neighbors.

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