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Securing sensitive data: Amplify API Management Platform gives a leading U.S. healthcare provider the solution to succeed

Why Amplify API Management?

All across the United States, security in healthcare is a much-needed asset to deliver better patient experiences across the board.

A leading U.S. healthcare provider needed to get a better safety net for its data — Axway Amplify API Management Platform delivered.

It’s all in the platform: Amplify platform

Manage APIs comprehensively, that’s the secret. By providing a malleable platform, Amplify API Management offered 24/7 protection for a trustworthy solution for its data.

It’s challenging having secure data delivery with global primary care, both in- and out-of-network. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act upped the ante. Digital services need to move fast and be first-rate for exceptional services.

This healthcare company needed to get on board the digital express and so it moved to electronic healthcare records (EHR).

“The Axway solution is already helping us to boost the security of our digital services.” Spokesperson


APIs are the foundation for accessing data in record time. With an abundance of expenses driving the bigger picture, moving quickly as API volumes continued to grow was key.

 “Because we lacked a single view of all our APIs, it was difficult for our developers to see if others had already built a component that they needed, and for managers to ensure that we were applying our rigorous information security and data governance policies consistently across the organization.” Healthcare spokesperson

Why Amplify API Management Platform?

A few reasons for selecting Amplify API Management Platform:

*Amplify platform provided an enhanced approach to APIs.

*It’s cost effective.

*Provides better digital experiences for the customer.

*Better security via Amplify for data protection.

*Improved manageability of its screening service for behavioral health patients.

*Amplify helps developers to work resourcefully in a collaborative location to avoid duplication of effort.

“Of all the vendors we considered, Axway outperformed the competition in a number of key assessment areas,” comments the spokesperson.

“We were impressed with the security capabilities of Amplify API Management. The fact that many financial services and Federal government organizations rely on the platform gave us confidence that Amplify API Management would meet our own demanding requirements.”

With Amplify as its primary hub for API development, the healthcare provider has already started to transfer subsequent APIs to the new platform — 20+ APIs are already in production — and counting.

Highly regulated industries such as healthcare have stringent security requirements, and Axway is the only leading API management vendor with Common Criteria Certification — a set of internationally recognized standards to assess the security of technology products.” Spokesperson

Benefits such as delivering extensive reports to give stakeholders a better overview of how its APIs are being utilized is another perk with Amplify.

By going even further with Amplify API Management, they can now drive business faster and securely for better digital experiences all around.

With a better API strategy in place, Axway’s Amplify API Management platform solidifies the future for this healthcare provider.

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