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How Brazilian rewards company Livelo is offering innovative and seamless points programs with Amplify

Livelo innovates with Axway

The largest rewards company in Brazil, Livelo, is a young, digital-native business that’s creating brilliant digital experiences for customer and employee rewards.

The born-online company relies on API integrations to connect vital front- and back-end services in its business, and to communicate with its extensive network of trading partners. Thanks to Axway’s Amplify API Management Platform, Livelo delivers high availability for 8.5 million API calls per day and is cutting time to market for new data-driven services.

Delivering a seamless omnichannel experience across Brazil

Livelo powers reward points programs for more than 800,000 different products and services, from retail goods to dining experiences. We’re all familiar with customer rewards programs where shoppers earn points for brand loyalty and redeem them for rewards: Livelo tailors end-to-end loyalty programs for customers across its platforms.

The company is also helping to build innovative employee rewards programs. For example, one of Livelo’s partners created a points program when many employees started working from home early in the pandemic. This gave team members the autonomy to choose how to upgrade their workspace — whether they needed a chair, a desk, or a headset.

Because millions of customers are making purchases with points 24 hours a day, it’s crucial Livelo’s API integration technology always be available to continue to offer an attractive omniexperience.

Reimagining API integration in the Cloud

Early on, Livelo relied on the on-premises IT systems to underpin its vital integration services, but quickly realized its existing environment would be unable to offer the targeted levels of availability and cost-efficiency as business volumes grew rapidly. They determined that a cloud-first model would be the optimal way to support long-term expansion.

Livelo selected the Amplify API Management Platform to enable the transformation and give its teams the ability to create, publish, deploy, and scale APIs securely, cost-effectively, and at scale.

“By combining offerings from several public and private cloud infrastructure providers into a single multi-cloud architecture, we saw an opportunity to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of delivering integration services, and to scale out quickly as our data volumes rose,” said Maicon Guerra, Executive IT Manager at Livelo.

Livelo also enhanced its approach to trading partner integration: using API gateways from Axway, the company integrates data from its website, mobile app, and customer support channels, which include customer relationship management solutions from Salesforce and a WhatsApp-enabled chatbot.

High availability supports accelerating growth

Crucially, the Axway solution also delivers high levels of availability for mission-critical API integrations with external loyalty program partners, helping to ensure that customers can collect and redeem their points 24/7.

“With such a high volume of API calls, stability is paramount, and we simply cannot afford unplanned downtime,” explained Guerra. “Since moving to Amplify API Management Platform, we’ve been extremely impressed by how reliable the Axway solution is — we’ve had practically no issues with the availability of our API integrations.”

Moving its mission-critical integration services to the Amplify platform is allowing Livelo to accelerate its business growth with the peace of mind that its digital services will always be online.

Shifting to API-first for faster time to market

And that growth continues: during the transition to the cloud, Livelo seized the opportunity to work with Axway to redesign its entire integration flow, including all its trading partner integrations and customer-facing online and mobile channels.

Livelo is now preparing to implement an API portal to encourage wider use of its APIs, fostering an API-first culture among its 95 in-house developers. Now, when they need to build a new integration with a system or service, developers exclusively use APIs.

The company is working to deploy an API portal — offering a single, central catalog of APIs to the entire business — which will improve the developer experience and help build more innovative, data-driven services.

“In close collaboration with Axway, Livelo has redesigned its entire integration model from the ground up — freeing us to continue our fast-paced growth and bring loyalty program rewards to millions of new customers across Brazil,” concluded Guerra.

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