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Dun & Bradstreet: leveraging APIs to deliver business intelligence data in near real-time

Dun & Bradstreet challenges

Since 1841, the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (D&B) has been delivering insights for businesses that provide commercial data and analytics for over 265 million business records worldwide.

They offer many products and services delivered to risk and finance, supply and operations, as well as sales and marketing.

D&B goes even deeper with research and insights on global business issues covering a wide-ranging customer base. This includes government, communications, and financial markets, among others.

Dun & Bradstreet challenges

With such an extensive business, Dun & Bradstreet had many challenges to meet to drive data and insights for strategic decisions to its customers.

They needed to change over from group-based methods to full-on data-sharing to realize real-time results.

Enter the Amplify API Management Platform! With Axway’s Amplify platform solution, Dun & Bradstreet was able to change data delivery through APIs, launching innovative new products which in turn, produced substantial revenue growth.

“As increasing numbers of businesses targeted data-driven decision-making, D&B saw demand for real-time insights growing among its clients.

Amplify API Management Platform solution

Ever-changing regulatory burdens for data governance and swift compliance measures were impeding this need.

Axway’s Amplify API Management Platform solution provided Dun & Bradstreet with an effective solution that works to free up and revolutionize data delivery via APIs. Previously, Dun & Bradstreet relied on antiquated traditional methods to deal with their delivery.

The company realized it was time to adapt and change to meet the increasing need for speed and define a new chapter. By fostering innovation, D&B created rapid results for their clients who need fast data delivery.

Selecting the right API platform

By updating its outdated approach, D&B launched a new product: D&B Direct Web Services.

This product helps connect and integrate data, deliver insights, and gain better abilities that didn’t exist before.

All this comes together with Axway’s Amplify platform via safe and secure, scalable API integrations.

As a key enabler of long-term growth strategy, this data-as-a-service (DAAS) offering was crucial to choose Amplify to produce secure results.

“Of all the API solutions that D&B considered, AMPLIFY API Management stood out as the strongest performer by far.”—Kamron Abtahi, Senior Solutions Architect, Dun & Bradstreet

The AMPLIFY API Management solution brings forth vital results for D&B:

  1. The ability to handle large volumes of API calls.
  2. Robust capabilities for secure delivery.
  3. The ability to allow D&B to set automated policies for load balancing and throttling.
  4. Provides dependable availability during peak demand times for clients.
  5. Flexibility is provided as a standard.

By delivering in all these categories, AMPLIFY API Management was D&B’s go-to solution for customer satisfaction and data growth.

Daily flexibility

Thanks to APIs, Dun & Bradstreet is empowering companies to propel more streamlined and efficient data delivery.

“One of our goals is to move data closer to the people who use it, and thanks to D&B Direct Web Services, that’s exactly what we achieved.”

By using APIs, D&B can push incremental data updates to the customers in real-time which drives business growth.

Previously, the D&B customer needed to download up to 1 TB of data to keep their records up to date, but APIs have changed the game by delivering in real time.

The result is faster go-to-market decision making based on accurate data.

Streamlined user experience equals better customer satisfaction

Since D&B started using AMPLIFY API Management, they have developed APIs that covered a large array of use cases.

Now clients can fast-track their user experience thanks to an enhanced delivery. API connections able quicker use and less friction for the client.

Additionally, with APIs utilized with D&B’s Direct Web Services offer, they gain a better overview to cut costs and reduce supply chain problems.

By implementing an API-First approach, Dun & Bradstreet was able to reduce its product development process.

The key result is cutting out the middleman while enabling the abilities to make progress on the need for new services over their contenders.

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The future is wide open

D&B has grown significantly since launching the D&B Direct Web Services product and AMPLIFY API Management is part of that equation.

“Looking ahead, we see that APIs will be more important than ever for service delivery — and with AMPLIFY API Management, we have a platform to support us for the long term.”

The road is wide open for D&B and AMPLIFY, and APIs are enabling the future for success.

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