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Making of: Bundesagentur für Arbeit empowering eGovernment services with Axway 

We’re glad to share with you our latest video testimonial with Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Germany’s federal agency responsible for providing a range of labor market services for employers and employees. When we think about customer loyalty, we think of BA. They have been with Axway for 25 years, using our portfolio of services throughout their journey to e-government.

In this video, we understand how critical our MFT, B2B Integration, and API Management solutions are to meeting their needs. 

The team shared BA’s e-government initiatives, as well as the use of our APIM, MFT, and B2B Integration solutions to meet their critical business needs, such as:  

  • digital services for German citizens 
  • paperless workflows 
  • financial transactions with EBICS 
  • integration of government agencies  
  • health insurance for German employers.  

“During the first wave of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, the German government pushed through emergency legislation to help ensure that people could claim financial relief from BA,” explains Peter Neuhauser, Division Manager of CERT & Network Services at Bundesagentur für Arbeit.

“Working with Axway, we compressed the equivalent of five years of work into just three months and configured our Axway solutions to support a complex range of communications protocols securely and reliably.”

making of BA video collage

In this video, they also present the value of our APIM solution in keeping their organization secure. 

“We use the solution to manage our external connections with web-based applications and defend our organization against up to five million cyber-attacks per day,” says Walter Karl, Senior Architect at Bundesagentur für Arbeit.

Many thanks to the team at BA, notably CIO Stefan Latuski, Division Manager Peter Neuhauser, and Senior Architect Walter Karl, for their help in creating this video – and for their continued work in crafting better digital experiences for the citizens of Germany.  

Discover the full Bundesagentur für Arbeit case study here.