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Bpifrance moved their MFT solution to the Cloud helping small businesses during COVID-19

Bpifrance moved their MFT solution to the Cloud

Bpifrance  is a French public investment bank, responsible for supporting entrepreneurs and keeping the French economy innovative and competitive. The organization finances sustainable and responsible growth and supports research and development initiatives.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Bpifrance needed to help small- and medium-sized businesses, SMEs, and mid-caps get access to 300 billion euros in emergency loans to survive financial difficulties rapidly. It needed to establish over 700 secure file transfer connections with French banks and absorb a 300 percent increase in data volumes in just three months.

As a historic Axway XFB Gateway customer, they decided to replace their on-premises solution and move to a new cloud solution using SecureTransport  to speed up their response to the crisis.

“We wanted to focus on helping the French economy rather than administering IT platforms. We knew that Axway Managed Cloud Services for MFT would give us everything we needed in functional terms and deploying it on the Axway cloud would give us the flexibility, scalability, reliability, and short time-to-market we targeted — with all technical administration handled by expert Axway staff. ” Bruno Chevalier, Enterprise Architect at Bpifrance

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Bpifrance meets the deadline

To meet the deadline, Bpifrance set up the connections on an on-premises deployment of Axway Managed File Transfer and then began migrating them to Axway Managed Cloud Services for MFT.

In addition to its connections with the Banque de France (the French national bank) and tens of other banks, Bpifrance has connections with micro-credit institutions, with market data providers such as Reuters and Bloomberg, and with Docaposte for printing and sending physical mail to all clients.

Working with Axway consultants, Bpifrance set up the PGE scheme quickly and efficiently on a stable and secure cloud platform. French enterprises received more than 200 billion euros in interest-free loans backed by the state.

“The ability for agile teams to set up and manage their own flows is a real game-changer. “Teams no longer need to make a request and wait for an IT person to work on it. And they can also now monitor and manage the ongoing service themselves, eliminating the need for an intermediary to flag up issues.” “The Axway cloud gives us the assurance of 99.9 percent availability, and the proven ability to scale up by a factor of three without any issues. Equally, moving to the cloud eliminates the need to manage local infrastructure, enabling us to focus on managing the flows of business information.” Bruno Chevalier, Enterprise Architect at Bpifrance

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