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Join Axway as a Global Sponsor of APIdays San Francisco

APIdays San Francisco

Axway is a proud Global Sponsor of APIdays 2019 with a worldwide tour across seven cities. Next up, the beautiful city of San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Please join us on July 16th and 17th for APIdays San Francisco for a modern look at how APIs bring innovation front and center.

About APIdays

APIdays is the leading industry technology and business series of conferences on all-things APIs. From the programmable economy to evangelizing the use of APIs for companies to focus on, the APIdays events bring together a worldwide panel of API experts.

The latest and greatest innovations around APIs, Microservices and Containers technologies are discussed to empower digital society and business transformation amongst enterprises. Learn all about streamlining APIs and microservices workflow.

APIdays San Francisco

By joining us at APIdays San Francisco, technology innovators will present numerous activities that will connect you with industry experts and API lovers from around the globe. Events include but are not limited to meetups, keynote speeches and informative workshops.

With over 35 events from around the world on APIs and 80 sponsors globally, APIdays has packed in over 10,500 attendees globally. Currently, over 2,000 companies are taking part in the event, along with over 12,000 speakers talking about all-things APIs. APIdays San Francisco expects to host over 500 attendees from 300 companies. Uncover more on APIdays San Francisco.

Axway sponsorship

Axway is a Gold Sponsor of APIdays in San Francisco. Listen to our very own Chief Catalyst, Brian Pagano, who will be taking the mainstage to present: Understanding trends and anti-patterns; navigating the digital landscape to ensure future survival. Some companies thrive while many struggle or even disappear.

The current business climate is unforgiving for those who miss a pivot or make a category mistake. Brian will share some of the trends, some anti-patterns and some predictions for the near future.

Additionally, we will be hosting a technical workshop where we will be giving you the tools on API strategy. Don’t forget to stop by our booth, meet the Axway team, and a chance to win some of our amazing prizes.

Learn all about Axway’s Global Sponsorship on APIdays in seven cities.

Axway speakers

APIdays San Francisco provides Axway with a wonderful opportunity to present our very own speakers. Brian Otten, Digital Transformation Catalysts at Axway, Brian Pagano, Chief Catalyst and Senior Director and John Wiese, Principal Solutions Architect at Axway will be on hand to discuss compelling ways APIs are changing the landscape.

Axway workshop

Join us for our hands-on workshop: Scalable API Design and Lifecycle for the Future. You will learn all about how your API strategy won’t deliver if you don’t develop a practice that puts design-thinking first and APIs first. Be in the know and learn about the stops along the way to ensure that your APIs are safe and secure while taking the journey through the API lifecycle.

Additionally, you will discover

Design Thinking and working with APIs as Products

–           The full API Design: Build and Deploy Lifecycle

–           Managing APIs for Scale and Business Change

–           Securing an API

Don’t be left in the dark! Request an appointment with Axway at APIdays in San Francisco right now!