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Axway sponsors first-ever France API event


This summer saw the inaugural France API conference, the first major French-speaking API event. Axway was proud to be a sponsor and co-organizer of this first event, alongside Accetal, Enjoy Sharing, and the API Thinking collective 

Co-created by Ferhat Bareche and Julien Bichon, France API brought together companies, professionals, decision-makers, and experts for a whole day dedicated to APIs.  

For Axway, facilitating exchanges with all the actors in the API sphere – be they partners or competitors, clients or not – allows us to make good on the Open Everything promise: supporting a robust, dynamic digital ecosystem where all can participate.  

More than 500 people attended the event on June 14th, meeting with major API players in industries ranging from finance, public sector, manufacturing, energy, telcos, and more. Visitors explored the exhibits, attended conferences and demo workshops, shared experiences, and networked within the API ecosystem.  

Here’s a look at some of Axway’s contributions to the discussion at France API. 

france-api-photos-axway booth

From API platforms to digital service marketplaces 

How do you start generating more value with your ecosystem? It takes a shift to go from API platforms to digital service marketplaces, says Axway Catalyst Emmanuel Methivier. He and Spasija Taseva led a discussion with Vincent Mouden from Groupe BPCE, a French banking group and Axway customer. 

Methivier explains that seeing APIs as a useful technology for integration is only a first step in the API journey – organizations often move from integration, to openness for innovation and regulatory purposes, to offering new services to their ecosystem, to finally realizing the true potential of APIs in transforming the organization into a platform. 


In the presentation, Mouden shares Groupe BPCE’s journey with APIs: how they built an API factory and are working to integrate the “API as Product” mentality so that API products available in their internal marketplace have a clear business value and can be more easily consumed. 

Watch the full presentation below. 

The necessity of opening up with APIs 

Whether it’s Open Banking, Open Insurance, or Open Everything, ecosystems continue to expand and openness has become a real necessity to participate in these. Christian Cagnol, Senior Director Strategic Partnership – Open insuring GTM Leader at Axway discussed how enterprises can securely open up to their ecosystems with APIs – and why it’s not just a necessity but also an opportunity. 

Cagnol also shares examples from different industries and use cases, such as Open Insurance, Open Banking, Open MaaS (Mobility as a Service), and Open Government. 

Discover the replay below. 

Welcome to Open Insurance  

When it comes to Open Insurance, it takes opening to an ecosystem to create and distribute innovative products. Axway’s Christian Cagnol lead a roundtable discussion with Celine Legras of MACIF, Expert Olivier Laborde, Florian Graillot from Astorya, and Richard Thibault of Digital Insure. 

In addition to changing customer expectations, the insurance industry is facing multiple changes that are disrupting daily life, and the panelists discuss: 

– New risks to cover (climate, cyber, pandemics, geopolitics) 

– New regulations (and deregulations) 

– New entrants: Insurtechs, GAFAM… 

How can APIs help cope with these upheavals? Watch the roundtable discussion below. 

It was an honor to participate in this new beginning for France API, it represented great teamwork investment with Christian Cagnol, and we look forward to many more events in the future. And judging by co-founder Julien Bichon’s latest tease, it’s looking positive for 2023!


Learn more about France API and watch additional replays here. 

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