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Axway Social Media Day in Paris: Key takeaways

Axway Social Media Day

Following the success of Axway’s Social Media day in Phoenix, the Axway team in France kicked off the new year with its own Social Media Day in Paris. Joshua Molina, Senior Content Marketing Manager and Stéphane Castellani, VP, Digital Marketing led the team with fantastic tips on how to use social media to improve employee advocacy. And best of all, as part of the event there was plenty of French pastries in celebration of Galette Des Rois, along with gifts for the attendees.

Joshua Molina teaching at Social Media day
Joshua Molina teaching at Social Media day

Axway Social Media Day: Key takeaways

Social media is more important than ever. If you are not on social, then you are simply missing out on a whole lot of valuable information. Moreover, social media is fun and engaging and it’s wonderful to be part of the great wave from Twitter to LinkedIn, as well as Facebook and YouTube. These are wonderful channels to help promote all the work Axway is doing in the industry and as a company. During the training that took place throughout the day in French and English, Josh and Stéphane discussed how to use social media to our best advantage, making it enjoyable and pleasing for all.

Axway Social Media Day
Axway Social Media Day

Why social?

You may be wondering does social really work? Who’s actually reading all the information out there? Well, it turns out a lot of people are reading social! By using social, employee advocacy “results in a 5x increase in Web traffic and 25% more leads” (Source Further, Josh discussed how “75% of B2B buyers use social media in their decision-making process” (source: Brand messages are “re-shared 24x more when shared by employees vs. brand/corporate accounts” (source: MSLGroup). And, “90% of your audience as an employee is new to the brand” (source: Dell Study).

Axway Social Media Day

Thanks to employee advocacy, social yields high returns. Josh explained that it’s important to engage with your audience while sharing relevant information. It’s important to use good images to go with your share or tweet, as people tend to remember the image, more so than the information.

Further, Josh pointed out that to be engaged, one must be involved. Some important tips he mentioned are:

  • Look for groups on LinkedIn or Facebook that you could participate in
  • Ask questions on your page or in groups
  • Look for questions for you to answer

So much information was gained and learned during the event that will be applied from Social Media Day. We look forward to having engaged colleagues on social media at Axway.

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