The value of API streaming


The noteworthy value of API streaming lies in reading data in real time. This concept gives way for your company to deliver data to consumers as it’s happening—not 30 minutes later. Therefore, this helps to engage user retention in a rapid manner. API streaming is used in such cases as social media and other services that will deliver instantaneous results to the end user.

Why is API streaming so important?

For one reason, many large corporations are getting on the API streaming bandwagon and utilizing this fast turnaround technology. For example, Twitter uses the tool to get their updates in actual time, as well as Facebook and Instagram, to name a few. The real-time mechanism is where the actual value of API streaming is relevant in today’s world. API streaming permits information to be dispersed quickly. In today’s world, people want their information now, not later.

For instance, companies who are streaming live events such as matches, concerts, etc., this uses push technology which successfully makes use of a subscription-based tool for obtaining their events all at once. This enables the events that are taking place in real time to reach a vast audience. This gives way for such large-based events, as well as generic ones as well.

Further, the unique advantage to this technology is that when you have API streaming in place for your company, you can reduce the number of requests that in the end will yield no data. API streaming improves the performance level of your APIs because it acts as a radar for your data. Read more about the different APIs here.

The value of API streaming

There are many categories where the value of API streaming is also very beneficial for consumption. For starters, according to in 2018, the financial market is the greatest benefactor of this technology. “For many Financial APIs, especially those tracking the movement of the stock market, the need for data to be delivered as close to real time as possible is critical.” With this information in hand, you no longer need to hit the refresh button because you are now getting your information delivered ASAP. Furthermore, savings can be calculated as you are reducing costs. Less bandwidth and CPU usage help this along. Also, categories from data, social to chat are listed as important areas where it’s most advantageous to the consumer—the possibilities are endless to the value of API streaming.

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