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Axway and the DataCity Innovation Program: A great combo!

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Innovation was on everyone’s mind as Axway and Sopra Steria took part in the innovation challenge! They were on hand to present at the DataCity Innovation Program sponsored by the City of Paris. Therefore, this initiative was a tremendous opportunity for Axway because it allows us to have an open and viable discussion for the future. A positive result for Axway all around. Axway and the DataCity Innovation Program made for a great combination. Read more about achieving digital innovation here.

Axway and the DataCity Innovation Program

DataCity’s mission per their website aims to bring collaboration to the forefront of businesses. Their goal is to “work with large companies, local authorities and startups to develop concrete and replicable solutions. The value of our program comes from the resources of our partners: exclusive datasets, business expertise and advanced technologies.”

Axway’s very own were on hand for the event to take part in this project.

Axway and DataCity Innovation Program


The DataCity program involves some of our prestigious customers as “Partners.” Axway is a proud contributor for two challenges (Free-Floating & Bornes Electriques). Further, we are the leaders for “Info Travaux” (Worksite Information).

The main discourse of the event, as well as the challenge, is coming to terms with the difficulties that Paris and other patterns wish to resolve. This includes identifying existing data into each partner’s company that a startup can rely on to implement a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which took place in June 2019.

To onboard the startups, every challenge (there are 11 challenges, see here) was presented in the beautiful Paris city hall ceremony room.

Axway is working on the challenge to bring a Startup that is based in France to the forefront. Therefore, December 19th is the cutoff dates for Startups to apply via the program’s website: Info Travaux.

Thanks to this great program, Axway and the DataCity Innovation Program brought great collaboration to all who attended.

Check out this video (in French) of the event here.

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