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From zero to app!

zero to app

From zero to app is a series of basic tutorials for Axway Appcelerator to create your first mobile app for Android and iOS using the power of JavaScript. You just need some basic JavaScript knowledge and a Linux, Windows or Mac (for iOS development). The tutorials will guide you from zero to your first app!

Zero to app!


  • Installation – How to install Axway Appcelerator
  • First app – Your first app!
  • Map project – Add a map with pins to your app.
  • Use the camera – Record pictures and videos in your app.
  • Ah, push it – Extend your app with Firebase push notifications
  • Where am I? – Use geolocation services in your app.
  • Ready for the store? [coming soon]

Video tutorials are planned, too!


At the time this tutorial was written, the current version of the needed tools are:

JDK1.8.0 (JDK 8; OpenJDK is supported, too).
Titanium SDK8.0.2.GA
Appcelerator CLI7.0.11
Titanium CLI5.2.1


It will be updated and tested with future versions. If you find anything that is not working anymore please file an issue.


If you have any question or comments, feel free to add an issue or contact me:(twitterTi-Slack).