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AMPLIFY Platform Demo Series, Part 6: Introduction to API Builder

Welcome back to our AMPLIFY demo blog series, your one-stop-shop to learning the basics of Axway’s AMPLIFY™ Platform. Thanks to our team of skilled specialists, we’ve created a series of helpful video tutorials to introduce developers to AMPLIFY and guide them through the platform’s core capabilities and features.

Previously in this series, we have covered what it takes to create and launch custom integrations between apps and external cloud services using our AMPLIFY Application Integration platform. If you missed the earlier episodes in the series, be sure to get up to speed using the links below!

Introduction to API Builder

This time, we’re switching up gears for something completely different. Today’s featured episode focuses on API Builder, Axway’s SLK with everything needed to create rapidly either microservices or APIs. In this short tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know to get started building APIs with API Builder, from how to install it to creating your very first project.

One of the big benefits of the AMPLIFY Platform is the range of pre-built integrations (over 170+ to be exact) to popular cloud services like Slack and Salesforce. As our latest video makes clear, AMPLIFY and API Builder are also unmatched when it comes to flexibility and ease of building custom APIs connections that don’t yet exist. So, give it a look to kick off your exciting new API journey.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or just want to show off what you’ve built. Then, stay tuned for more demos to unlock the full power of AMPLIFY’s robust, advanced feature set.

Happy building!

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