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WATCH: Demo of the Titanium Package for Atom


Last month marked a big milestone for Axway Appcelerator with the major release of SDK 7.0.0. With this release, we introduced an Atom package, which helps developers who love the IDE – Atom – to create cross-platform Titanium apps.

Here are some of the key highlights of the Titanium package for Atom:

  • Ability to build Titanium projects to target various devices and platforms such as iOS and Android
  • Code signing and keystone configuration for iOS and Android which certifies and provides a signing identity to the developers
  • Titanium Alloy component generator to create Controllers, Views, Styles, Models and Widgets
  • Auto-completion, which automatically completes variables, methods and other Titanium APIs and Alloy markup
  • Jump-to-definition, which allows devs┬áto navigate through long codes for the definition of the function in just one click

You can learn more and download the Titanium package for Atom here

Watch this quick demo to learn more.