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Quick Tip: Increase the storage size of your Android Emulator

Are you tired of getting this error?

This happens when you’re testing your App on your Android Emulator. After a couple runs, the virtual device runs out of space, and you have to start deleting apps…pretty annoying.
Well, it’s easy to fix. It’s just a matter or increasing the storage size of your virtual device. First off, you need to know the name of the virtual device you are using. Assuming you’re running on OSX, Go to your terminal and type:

$ [[path-to-android-sdk]]/tools/android avd

This will show you a window with all the AVDs (Android Virtual Devices) you have configured. Find the one you’re using and write down its name.
Next, go back to your terminal and type

$ open -a TextEdit ~/.android/avd/[[name of your avd]].avd/config.ini

This opens TextEdit with the AVD’s configuration file. Now look for and change or add this line


And that’s it. You’re set!