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Deliver superior customer experience with Customer Experience Network (CXN)

Customer Experience is the top Enterprise digital initiative these days. Therefore, it is a mission-critical agenda item and strategic differentiation across the board, but very few Enterprises, however, have cracked the code of Customer Experience Network (CXN). Why is this?

Digital initiatives

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To really understand the adoption, challenges, and future of Customer Experience networks, IDC interviewed over 600 senior executives in large global enterprises on behalf of Axway. Provided here are an info brief and a video that provides a brief executive summary of the findings.

Customer Experience Networks are truly central to digital transformation, this enables enterprises to co-create and co-innovate with customers and business partners for their mutual benefit. When it comes to digital initiatives, Mobility certainly becomes a key component. With this concept, there is a need for faster digital innovation and ecosystem engagement as digital initiatives take shape. Read more about how real-time analytics ensure Customer Experience and boost revenue.

IT plays a prominent role in the enterprise technology adoption and is continually challenged by the need to absorb new capabilities and balance work on both new technology initiatives and existing commitments.

One key to increasing the responsiveness of IT to the business is to simplify the development model to more easily support target mobile devices and architectures. Axway AMPLIFY includes App and Edge Development capabilities that increase developer productivity with cross-platform mobile development and a full-stack JavaScript model.

Further, coupled with Mobile solution consulting (a touchpoint service to offer new and existing customers to ensure they start on the right foot and are able to deliver high-quality apps that amaze across any device), Axway would like to ensure you are equipped to address all aspects of the digital business value chain with the benefit of an end-to-end solution designed to enable building Customer Experience Networks.

Learn how to drive digital success with APIs.