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🚨Breaking the Build 🚨 Episode 05 – Kin Lane talks about APIs and Postman!

In this episode of Breaking the Build, Brenton House sits down with Kin Lane, The API Evangelist and Chief Evangelist for Postman to discuss APIs and Postman!

We were at API World 2019 in San Jose, California and we had the opportunity to talk with API Evangelist, Kin Lane.   Kin has been helping developers and architects for 10+ years with the Best Practices of creating and consuming APIs.   He is now the Chief Evangelist at Postman.  Postman is an essential tool for Developers and Architects that are creating and consuming APIs.  Find out more about Postman in the links below!  You can import your API definitions from AMPLIFY Central and AMPLIFY API Builder into Postman and be able to run and test them with all sorts of different options and configurations.

🔗 Links

📌 Kin Lane, API Evangelist – https://apievangelist.com
📌 Postman – https://getpostman.com
📌 Axway AMPLIFY API Builder – https://www.axway.com/en/products/api-management/build-apis
📌 Axway AMPLIFY Central – https://www.axway.com/en/platform/central

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