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1.3.2 (1.4 RC1) Release Now Available

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As promised (but a little late), we’re going to make the upcoming 1.4 release candidate (1.3.2 release) available manually here. Please read for instructions and links to the files. For now, you’ll have to install manually until we can get some good feedback on the release and push the official 1.4. Our goal is to get feedback this week, do our final round of fixes and testing and release the final release early next week.

First, the links to the download links:

OSX (iPhone/Android): https://bit.ly/cyTWkA

Win32 (Android): https://bit.ly/90TmIY

Linux (Android): https://bit.ly/bSgTjo

To install, you’ll want to download the appropriate distribution above and then extract into your Titanium directory.

For example, on OSX, your Titanium directory will be under either /Library/Application Support/Titanium or ~/Library/Appcelerator Support/Titanium.

Once you locate your Titanium directory, extract the zip file into this directory. The zip file will expand the contents and create/overlay some new directories for 1.3.2.

NOTE for OSX users who use Safari to download: Safari by default will auto uncompress your downloads, how handy. However, if you have a directory named mobilesdk, your extracted directory will be renamed. On OSX, I suggest you use curl and do it the old fashion way. In the terminal, go to your Titanium directory and then run the following commands:

> curl -L https://bit.ly/cyTWkA >mobilesdk-1.3.2-osx.zip
> unzip -o mobilesdk-1.3.2-osx.zip

Now, you’ll need to restart Titanium Developer to pick up the new release. Once restarted, remember to change your application SDK version and then click the ‘Save’ button.

You should now be able to test with the latest release.

A few things to note:

– This release still has some issues we’re working through. You can see the latest fixes and outstanding items for 1.4.0 here. All the items on the list are not going to be fixed for the final 1.4.0 and will automatically roll into the next release (if not resolved).

– This release fixes all known crashes on iOS 4. There are a few issues we’re still working on but this release addresses the major issues we’ve found so far.

– This release is mainly a maintenance release and fixes hundreds of Android and iOS bugs. We have added some stuff that I’ll try and summarize below. We’ll have the full release notes and documentation up once 1.4 is final.

Some updated stuff worth noting:

– iAds is here! By much popular demand, you can now add iAds to your iOS applications. iAds works just like any normal view. You’ll create an iAd view by invoking Ti.UI.iOS.createAdView() and placing it at the appropriate location. Make sure you use height and width auto. Until iAds is available, you’ll only see a test ad (assuming you’ve provisioned your application for iAds).

– Support for Common JS. We have added basic support for Common JS where you can use the Common JS to import modules. We don’t fully support the various specifications yet but you can load third-party Common JS modules and use require to load them. Currently, you can drop the modules in your Resources directory and they’ll be picked up. See the updated Kitchen Sink for a simple example. Common JS is supported for both Android and iOS.

– We have deprecated the ImageView property ‘url’ and replace it with the existing ‘image’ property. You can still use the url but you’ll get a warning in the log and may encounter some issues in small cases. Using ‘image’ ensures that all cases should work.

If you find issues, please note them in the comments of this post to help us and others. Please also note we’re only focusing on show-stoppers. Feature requests for 1.4 final aren’t being considered at this time. If you’re a Premium subscriber, please open normal issues in Helpdesk instead of here so we can make sure we respond in the appropriate SLA.

Thanks for everyone’s help in testing.