Digital Transformation

Bring a Meetup to a City Near You

I’ve found Developer Meetups to be one of the best ways for swapping tips and tricks, gaining insights into new trends or best-practices, and meeting and learning from other developers.

Over just the past few months at Axway Appcelerator, we’ve traveled to Amsterdam, France, Madrid, Cancun, London and Zurich, with meetups coming up in Barcelona, Berlin and Belgium. These events have been community-driven with assistance and sponsorship from Axway and our partners – and we’re looking to expand the reach and cadence even further.

In order to help bring Meetups to a city near you, we’ve added a Meetup page to our Developer Portal where community members can express interest in hosting their own event. You pick the topics, and we’ll assist with promotion, snacks, beer and swag – and even help arrange a location if needed.

For more information about Developer Meetups and how to get started hosting your own event with our support, click here.

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