Axway receives Integrated Communications Program Award

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UPDATED 10/31/18

SiriusDecisions Summit 2017 drew over 3,000 marketing professionals in Las Vegas 2017 to listen to four full days of data-driven best practices research. It also unveiled new innovations across the B2B space and has networking and collaboration with an elite community of sales, marketing, and product leaders.

Axway Awards Sirius Decisions

Axway was one of two proud recipients for the Integrated Communications Program award and we shared the stage with Dell. SiriusDecisions Research Analyst for Brand Communications and Strategies, Laura Sudnik (pictured with me) hosted Axway and Dell on Thursday afternoon. This took place in the presentation ceremony for Summit attendees.

Axway showcased our branding transformation and the associated integrated communications. We were able to plan, create, and execute in a very short, seven-month time frame.

I presented a 15-minute overview. This regarding how we leveraged SiriusDecisions’ Brand Management Framework that consisted of a four-phase approach: Insights and Discovery, Brand Driver, Visual and Verbal Expressions, and Rollout.

We implemented these steps and their advisory services to provide us with guidance in our branding transformation. The key focus of our initiative revolved around getting the entire employee community educated, informed, and engaged in the rebranding development and launch process.

The new brand new tagline

Our new Axway brand is now equipped with a stellar “Griffin” logo, the new tagline “Imagination takes shape,” brand drivers, brand beliefs, and brand behaviors that have proven to be a rewarding self-reflection exercise. We have built upon our past to map out an optimistic and exciting outlook as we journey into the future to support our customers in building their customer experience networks.

We are very pleased with how well this process was received and adopted by employees. This included our customers, partners, and the influencer community. When all is said and done, we really are a new Axway and we see a bright future ahead.

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