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How the Catalysts scale! The full 4K Catalyst experience

While our trusty Catalyst, Kay Lummitsch was on lockdown in Zurich, he took time to reflect on his travels; crossing the world and giving in-person workshops, staying in hotels, getting stuck in airports, etc. And he asked himself, “In today’s new world, how do the Catalysts scale and go forward?

How the Catalysts scale: Kay Lummitsch

Going forward

As the Catalysts go forward to help enterprises in their digital journeys, it’s obvious that individuals are still lagging behind to truly make the most of digital technology.

What does it mean to be truly digital? For starters, one has to be:

  • Active on social media, check!
  • Use digital collaboration tools, check!
  • Have recording videos, check!

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What is missing to define the problem? For starters, Kay cannot be in Mumbai in the morning and Tokyo in the evening. It’s not possible—so Kay came up with a new way to change this concept for Axway’s clients.

Teams, Zoom, WebEx are becoming the “new normal” for digital, yet, it’s not the complete answer, says Kay. The user experience and quality that we want to offer our clients are not 100% fulfilled with the tools. Kay’s idea goes one step further: Real-time in full 4K along with life-size viewing.

Soon, the Catalysts will be able to offer workshops around the world in 4K quality that has never been seen before.

Enter the Catalysts kits…

With Kay’s plan, the Catalysts’ kits will be placed in strategic places around the globe that will be shipped to clients in one day. The kits can be easily set up on the client-side and then, the Catalysts can run the workshop in real-time.

Included in the kit

  • LED-wall, two meters high, three meters wide.
  • A computer.
  • Large speakers.
  • A wide-angle webcam/microphone on a tripod. This has to be placed in front of the LED wall to be able to interact with the room.
  • Video explanation provides setup instructions.

The Catalysts will connect using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to enable the Catalysts to interact in real-time with the room. Currently, this idea is being developed in collaboration with Samsung and the University of Basel in Switzerland, along with special thanks to Suresh Surenthiran and Sven Loof during the testing phase.

This new delivery system is expected by September. The first prototype will take place in Axway’s headquarters in Phoenix. You can speak to the Catalysts in different places from Zurich to Omaha, California, France and Canada. One unified experience on a global scale.

After the kit is utilized, the client then returns the kit to a strategic point to be re-utilized for the next event and client.  The drive is to provide a seamless user experience.

With this new technology, the Catalysts can cover the globe in one day without bringing harm to the environment.

More to come!

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