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How Syncplicity saved my Halloween iMovie video project

How Syncplicity saved my Halloween iMovie video

This weekend, I was preparing some digital decorations for Halloween. A projector and a monitor hidden behind a courtyard window are simple ways to display some Halloween videos for trick-or-treaters that will come knocking this year.

To create the videos, I wanted to enlist the help of my kids. They both have iPads, so iMovie is the perfect app to use.

Unfortunately, my own iPad is an older model without much storage for the various videos, songs and images that I wanted to use to create the Halloween iMovie video. 32GB seemed like a lot of space back in 2012, but it’s nothing by today’s standard!

Fortunately, I have Syncplicity. Which means my iPad has access to petabytes of space and, even better, every SyncDrive folder of all the videos, images and songs that I have on my personal MacBook. I can place anything I need into Syncplicity, from my MacBook, or any other device, and it will all be available on my iPad. Hurrah!

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My plan was to use the Syncplicity App to access all the videos, images and songs that I needed, and save them to my iPad so that iMovie could use them. But, oh no, my iPad doesn’t have much free space! I thought I was stumped and would have to spend some time cleaning up old data from my iPad.

I remembered that our brilliant development team integrated Syncplicity directly with Apple iCloud Drive!

What that means is that I can access Syncplicity data *directly* from within iMovie.

Very nice!

Halloween iMovie video

All I had to do is:

  • Open iMovie
  • Click the “Create Project” icon
  • Select “Movie”
  • Select “Create Movie” (at the bottom of the screen)

  • Select “iCloud Drive” (in the “Media” pane at the upper right, see above)

how Syncplicity saved my Halloween iMovie project

  • Select the “Locations” (back) link at the top left (see above)

  • Select “Syncplicity” from the list of locations (see above)

  • Navigate to whichever Syncplicity folder I need (see above)

  • And now I can insert any video, image or song file into my iMovie project.


You can do this from any iOS app that supports Apple’s iCloud Drive. This means that you can access Syncplicity data directly from within any iOS app!

From a productivity perspective, this is fantastic!

Every customer that has a mobility need, whether they have their own iOS App or use 3rd Party iOS Apps, can now access their corporate data, anytime, anywhere, directly. Thanks to Syncplicity.

And a final thought: imagine when your corporate Syncplicity folders have been populated with data automatically from AMPLIFY, SecureTransport, SAP, Salesforce, etc., etc…

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