Digital Transformation

Content Collaboration: Connecting your files and business applications to drive digital transformation

content collaboration webinar

Syncplicity by Axway brings many benefits to the organization to help drive digital transformation. In this webinar “Content Collaboration: Connecting Files and Business Applications to Drive Digital Transformation” our speakers Bas van den Berg, Senior Product Line Director and Vivek Mody, VP for Product Management for Content Collaboration discuss the evolution of file sharing and content collaboration and how to drive new business value.

Content Collaboration webinar

Today’s workplace demands a more revolutionary file sharing and content collaboration experience. Digital has changed business every day, and the workplace and users must adapt or lose out to the competition. The driving force for the digital workplace is the user–but organizations must adapt to remain competitive and retain their users. Users need to be able to access files—not only internally and externally, but in context to their work.

For example, if you are a salesperson, you might want to open files from Salesforce or going a step further your sales operations team might want to integrate a file, the contract, into a business flow that is initiated by changing the status of the account. Once upon a time, I recall our customers talking about “tripping over use cases” as they learned new ways to use Syncplicity–we are now talking about a whole new realm of use cases that align to the organization and line of business.

Learn how you can share files and collaborate in a modern workplace.

During this content collaboration webinar, our speakers discuss the next evolution of file sharing and content collaboration–integrating files (unstructured data) into applications, or even creating lightweight business flows that improve efficiencies and remove mundane tasks from the users day to day workflow.

This next generation of file sharing and content collaboration is not about limiting applications, it’s about leveraging them. Syncplicity with AMPLIFY Application Integration helps make that a reality.

With over 150 pre-built connectors, IT or line of business developers can help internal teams enhance and streamline their workday–while improving the overall competitiveness of their organization.

*Direct application to application integration and files to application integration via APIs

*Integrating multiple applications to build a new business process

*They all have APIs as the main point to right integration

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To learn more about Content Collaboration: Connecting Your Business Files, watch the on-demand webinar.