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Featured Module: ti.androidfingerprintalert

Strictly speaking, ti.androidfingerprintalert is actually an Alloy widget, but it still counts as a good entry in our featured modules series.

As mentioned in this post from, 2017, this widget by Adam Armstrong is invaluable to provide a slick interface in Android apps on devices that support fingerprint entry.

Once you’ve downloaded the zip and unpacked it into the app/widgets folder, update the config.json to add the dependency. Then, drop it into any view:

<Widget id=“androidFingerprint” src=“ti.androidfingerprintalertdialog” />

Using something like ti.identity, you can invoke a fingerprint scan and then use the .show() method to show the dialog. There’s some neat methods to update the alert when it’s up on the state of the fingerprint scan, so .success() or .failure() will update the animation / dialog accordingly, and you can then use .hide() to remove it when no longer needed.

It’s an awesome widget that works as-is with Ti.Identity or other modules like https://github.com/appcelerator-modules/ti.touchid without any modification. In fact, I added it to a project today in minutes and it worked great!

Check out the repo here.


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