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Stoplight and Axway: API-First Design

Leaders in Digital Transformation lead with an API-First Design. An API-First approach means that development of the API revolves around how the end-product will be consumed by mobile devices and client applications. API-First involves developing APIs that are consistent and reusable. The API-first approach to developing provides many benefits, including cost reduction, increased speed to market as well as a better developer experience.

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Stoplight solution

Marc Macleod is the Founder and CEO of Stoplight.io.

“At Stoplight.io we help organizations manage their entire the preproduction API workflow. We are partnering with Axway to combine the Stoplight solution, along with the  Axway solution to cover the entire preproduction lifecycle from design to the Axway AMPLIFY™ Gateway.

Stoplight is an advanced software enterprise that builds API Design First Solutions for the API Economy. Axway’s joint association with Stoplight brings further attainment in selling their mutual API contributions in our focused and open market.

Stoplight and Axway

Thanks to their partnership, Axway and Stoplight have formed a global alliance to work to bring their API-First development solution to your enterprise. What does this benefit provide? Stoplight Visual OpenAPI Designer allows you to start designing APIs within minutes without writing any code. The solution brings a complementary developer experience in the full lifecycle of API Management with API-First development.

 “It’s a more complete solution that covers the entire API lifecycle, says Marc.”

The Stoplight solution complements the Axway AMPLIFY Gateway providing the functionality in the Plan, Code and Test steps of the full API Lifecycle. Furthermore, according to Marc, “We are building integration from Stoplight to Axway so that customers can just click a button to automatically deploy their designs to the Axway AMPLIFY Gateway environment.”

Numerous benefits

The benefits to both Axway and Stoplight customers using both tools together include quick to start design, a powerful development experience, integrated mocking and collaborative design of managed APIs. More benefits of Stoplight are it allows you to prototype and share your API designs with the Gateway within minutes. As Marc says, “full lifecycle API management from API design to testing, to mocking, to documentation, to governance and on to the Gateway.”

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