Cybersecurity threats: Interview with Bernard Harquindeguy, Ping Identity

With an ever-growing environment of cybersecurity threats and attacks looming in the world today, from the Facebook data breach, to Google, T-Mobile and Verizon, just to name a few, cybersecurity is certainly a hot topic these days. Check out Ping Identity’s Bernard Harguindeguy, Sr. VP, Intelligence in the above informative video.

Cybersecurity threats protection

Ping Identity formed a global partnership and alliance with Axway to bring their expertise to the cybersecurity arena. This cybersecurity technology helps to prevent and stop cyberattacks threats in their tracks. The collaboration enables Axway and Ping Identity to bring an extra layer of API security and management to your company. This helps to stop cyber threats from happening.

To fully understand the concept of how this happens, PingIntelligence for APIs uses artificial intelligence (AI) models, they are “integrated with the Axway AMPLIFY™ API Gateway, for automatic detection and blocking of new cyberattacks on APIs.” This deep intelligence helps to illustrate how APIs are being accessed and used.

Further, along with big-data analytics to constantly examine and report on your API activity, you have greater visibility into prevention at your fingertips. This exceptional technology automatically detects and blocks attacks across an enterprise’s API environment. This is security at its best 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Back in October and November, Ping Identity, along with Axway as a global sponsor at the IDENTIFY 2018 events, brought together industry leaders to discuss and learn more about security topics. Ping Identity’s number-one goal is the protection of the API infrastructure. Ping Identity brings the concept of giving visibility and overview via access where threats occur. This complements the API Gateway to protect your APIs.

Learn what the value of PingIntelligence for APIs and their partnership with Axway has brought to cybersecurity here.