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KPIS for APIs – the execution imperative in an x24 digital acceleration

KPIs for APIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for APIs can be used to sustain and grow your Platform, by showing the value of your APIs to your stakeholders, and to your API core team.

And in the current global pandemic, APIs matter more than ever. As shown by the US Census Bureau Q2 statistics, online commerce has increased 5.3% over 3 months… the same increase that had taken six years pre-COVID, an x24 acceleration.

KPIs for APIs

This boost to online exchanges forces companies to accelerate their digital transformation journey and leverage the three drivers of APIs to fundamentally impact your company strategy:

  • APIs lower your risk of exposure to physical interactions for your employees to lower the risk of touchpoints.
  • APIs save costs by eliminating redundancies in the IT stack.
  • APIs delight customers with online self-service, allowing customers to get access to services whenever and wherever they need it.

With three drivers for change in their hands and such x24 acceleration, all API teams have the responsibility to execute on ambitious API Programs, faster and better than ever before.

Accelerate your digital journey

For any program, KPIs facilitate execution in three ways:

  1. KPIs allow your team to recognize where they stand when reaching their key objectives. Further, they know how much progress to keep on making while working to meet their objectives.
  2. KPIs allow each contributor to focus on what matters most to reach a common goal and prioritize activities that contribute the most.
  3. KPIs are a notable tool to drive better data and facilitate better dialogue with your stakeholders. This provides better transparency and visibility of what’s going on in your team and its contribution to your organization’s success.

So, what kind of KPIs do successful companies use?

Discover more in the upcoming Part Two of our blog series as we delve deeper into the KPIs for APIs topic.

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