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What Are The Most Relevant Topics From Our Daily World That Real Time API Events Would Make An Impact?

Do you already have a list of  topics that you know could be made better but turning them into real time api events? We are continuing to profile and add APIs to the Streamdata.io Gallery. As we add more entities and topics to the mix, we are always working on ways of measuring, analyzing, and understanding which topics are most relevant. Depending on the industry, or layer of our society, the importance of different topics will vary. Today, we wanted to look at the digital bits flowing around online that make the biggest impact on our personal lives, no matter which industry we work in.

To help us think through which of the APIs we are profiling, and making more discoverable, we went through the over 400 topics, and extracted the 25 topics we felt were most important to us on a daily basis:

Social – Our Tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social network chatter.
Documents – Providing us access to the documents we need throughout our personal lives.
Links – The links we bookmark, share, and create as we move around online.
Photos – The images, photos, icons, and other objects we generate and share.
Videos – The videos we watch, produce, and share online every single day.
Music – The music we are tuning into, being exposed to, and sharing with others.
Podcasts – The podcasts we are tuning into, being exposed to, and sharing with others.
News – The news we are subscribed to, reading, sharing, and curating each day.
Blogs – The blog posts that we subscribe to, create, and share as part of our days.
Banking – The balance of our bank accounts, and the activity that occurs each day around our finances.
Businesses – The restaurants, grocery stores, retail outlets, and other businesses we frequent.
Locations – The locations that are relevant to us each day, either in person or virtually.
Maps – Access to maps of the locations we are discovering, frequenting, and understanding.
Directions – The data that helps us actually get from point A to point B each day.
Airlines – Details on the flights to where we are working, vacationing, and traveling to.
Trains – Details on the trains to where we are working, vacationing, and traveling to.
Buses – Details on the buses to where we are working, vacationing, and getting to each day.
Weather – Helping us understand what the weather will be like each day.
Market Data – Providing us with relevant financial data to help manage our investments.
Blockchain – Not that this is relevant to everyone, but the world of blockchain is a popular one.
Currencies – Augmenting our investment portfolio with information regarding currencies.
Water – Helping us understand the quality an availability of water in our homes and businesses.
Energy – Helping us manage our energy consumption, and understand our overall energy usage.
Coupons – Knowing where the deals and specials are within our neighborhood, and online.
Events – Keeping us in tune with what events are occurring around us, and around the world.

Of course, there are many other relevant topics. It was difficult to prioritize each of these areas, as there are many out there that should/could be a priority. However, we felt this list of 25 topics represents some of the most relevant areas of digital resources that touch the average individual’s life. Providing us with 25 relevant areas we want to be focusing on as part of our work here at Streamdata.io, providing the sector with meaningful event-driven signals.

We’d love to hear the top 25 most relevant topics for you. Which areas of your digital existence would you like to see more relevant signals be generated, helping you make more sense of your expanding digital presence? We are going to focus in on these areas for the next couple of weeks, and tell more stories, and think more about the APIs available within these topics. The more time we spend looking at APIs in each topic, the more we understand about how valuable data is being delivered in each area, but it also helps us understand where data is not moving around sensible, showing us where the opportunities are for delivering event-driven infrastructure.

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**Original source: streamdata.io blog