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Mastering the API lifecycle – Part 4 | Sharing APIs with a Catalog

After importing and securing your APIs, you can easily share them with the world using the AMPLIFY Catalog – a place where partners, developers, and customers can find and use the API proxies you’ve created. Publishing your API proxies to the catalog is easy – we’ll walk you through the simple process in this video.

But, before you watch this Part 4 video, be sure to watch the following:

  • In Part 1, learn how easy it is to design a custom API using tools like https://stoplight.io and import it into AMPLIFY Central
  • In Part 2, learn how to add security to our APIs by adding an API Key to endpoints
  • In Part 3, learn how to view your API traffic and gain insights into how your customers engage with your APIs

Learn more about AMPLIFY Central in our docs.

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