API Management

APIs as change agents

APIs drive change

APIs have been taking the world by storm. In times of global disruption and the replacement of physical interactions with digital journeys, APIs drive change and are needed more than ever.

APIs provide companies with the ability to adapt to a changing world by providing a top-notch experience to their ecosystem.

APIs drive change

As you read this post, you are probably convinced of the key role APIs play in helping your company build its Open Platform.

This post shares a framework we use at Axway to assess organizational maturity with APIs and recommend plans of action.

To make it simple to remember in conversations with your stakeholders around KPIs, or externally with your partners, let’s say anybody aware of the superpowers of APIs are Superman:

1. Open vision

A robust API strategy is essential for better delivery, market share, and data exchange. BMW ConnectedDrive is a wonderful example of a comprehensive API strategy.

An open vision provides the means to visualize your open platform and think about the providers you need to connect with.

2. Super experience

APIs make it possible to provide a superior experience to customers, employees, and partners, by proposing a journey that fits the specific moments of digital consumers. API equals Product is the bottom line. With APIs, fragmented experiences become seamless. Say bye-bye to disruption, APIs are here to save the day.

By utilizing and generating dedicated APIs for a cohesive experience, SpareBank1’s customers are immersed in all its available services.

3. Break walls

To people tasked to build journeys for user moments, legacy systems are like monoliths they cannot access. APIs make it possible to turn these legacy systems into assets, and of course, welcome newer paradigms such as microservices and events.

This power to break walls also works with organizations: when a consumer has to deal with silos, they get a disjointed experience. APIs make it possible to embed technology within lines of business while being governed by IT through guidelines and portfolio management.

4. Superstars

To be adopted by a growing community of members and service providers, organizations need to build an Open Platform to leverage the network economy. This can be built at scale and adapt only with APIs. Smals, a Belgian agency, expanded its platform with the special detail of driving consumption within the in-house intake.

Key essentials

APIs matter as change agents: they enable organizations to build their Open Platform and become Superstars, despite silos, heterogeneous assets, and simple journeys for a complex moment.

As you embrace the digital age by growing your Open Platform, remember that APIs have four superpowers to help you along the way.

Watch the video to learn more.

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