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What is an API Mashup?

what is an api mashup

Have you been wondering what the definition of an API Mashup is? An API Mashup is an API that coordinates countless APIs. This process takes place by categorizing and revealing them as one API for the consumer. It also allows you to generate many methods from different API Gateways. This process also helps to expose the performance as a single and distinct API.


So what are the advantages? For starters, this provides a better user experience. Since it comes together as one API for the user, you earn better innovation, along with a more streamlined experience all around. The role of API Gateways in the modern enterprise.

API Mashup, the early days

In the early days, Google was first on the scene to use them with Google Maps. Later, usage from photos services and maps were put into the mix with the use of data.

Today, there are more API Mashups to choose from such as Data, Business, and Consumer categories. These types of categories fall under popular groups such as news, shopping, video, mapping, photos, and a search button for selection.

Furthermore, API Mashups can do many things such as teach your apps to listen, as well as speak to automate customer’s interactions. There is no end to the possibilities with this kind of technology.

Also, API Mashups provide the user with a fresh way to engage with service providers. As it is, with API Mashups, the usage factor is rather enormous: Travel, music, sports, eCommerce, maps, social, the list goes on.

According to Programmableweb.com, there are over 7,860 mashups in the Programmable Web directory. With so many API Mashups in play, their usage is wide ranging and very effective.

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