Enterprise Marketplace API Management

Navigate the Amazon API Gateway jungle with Axway’s API marketplace

Axway's API marketplace: the guide in your AWS API Gateway jungle

Today, we’re going to explore how Axway’s Amplify Enterprise Marketplace can help organizations that heavily use Amazon API Gateway. Imagine you’re in a dense jungle, and Axway’s API marketplace is your trusty guide, leading you safely through. Intrigued? Let’s dive in!

Amazon API Gateway is a powerful tool, but without proper API management, any gateway can lead to a jungle of API sprawl, especially when used across different regions. This is where Axway’s API marketplace comes in, acting as a beacon of visibility and control in the dense undergrowth of Amazon API Gateway.

Automatic API discovery

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace can automatically discover all the APIs on AWS, regardless of the region they’re hosted in. It’s like having a guide who can spot all the animals (APIs) in the jungle (Amazon API Gateway), ensuring none are missed.

Centralized visibility

The marketplace provides a centralized platform where all discovered APIs are listed. This gives you a bird’s eye view of all your APIs, making it easier to navigate the jungle. It’s like being on a treetop, where you can see all the animals in the forest.

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Efficient API management

With Amplify Enterprise Marketplace, you can manage all your APIs from a single platform, regardless of where they’re hosted. This simplifies API management, making it easier to trek through the jungle.

Security and control

The marketplace ensures that all APIs meet security standards before they are published. It’s like having a park ranger, ensuring all animals are safe and protected.

Cost efficiency

By providing visibility into all APIs and reducing duplication, the marketplace can help save costs. It’s like having a map that ensures you take the most efficient route through the jungle.


In this Q&A video, my colleague William McKinney discusses how an API marketplace helps improve internal efficiency for an organization and offers teams APIs they can trust.


In essence, Axway’s API marketplace is the guide leading you through the dense jungle of Amazon API Gateway. It brings visibility, control, and order to the chaos, making the jungle of API sprawl a navigable adventure.

So, grab your explorer’s hat, take your compass, and let Amplify Enterprise Marketplace guide you through the Amazon API Gateway jungle!

Until next time, keep exploring!


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Key Takeaways

  • Axway's Amplify Enterprise Marketplace helps manage Amazon API Gateway sprawl by automatically discovering APIs wherever they are.
  • The marketplace offers centralized visibility, enabling efficient management of APIs from a single platform.
  • It ensures API security and compliance, acting like a park ranger for API protection.
  • Amplify Marketplace also leads to cost savings by reducing duplication and providing a streamlined route through the Amazon API Gateway jungle.