Executive dinner in London about Customer Experience

Customer Experience dinner
Customer Experience dinner
Axway and IDC organized an Executive Customer Experience dinner at an exclusive venue to discuss “Customer Experience.

Customer Experience dinner

The topic was “Delivering Superior Customer Experience in a Hyper-Connected World.
The goal was to debate the issues and challenges that surround the successful navigation of the experience economy. Delegates enjoyed a first-class dinner in the exclusive setting of The Gherkin, the ideal backdrop for a thought-provoking discussion on delivering differentiated and compelling customer experiences. Read how AI is transforming Customer Experiences and the role of APIs here.
Delivering great customer experience is key for companies today. We are entering the realms of a hyper-connected networked world. Everything and everybody will become connected using the Internet as a medium. The exponential adoption of the concept of IoT (the Internet of Things) further magnifies the “connected customer.” IDC even forecasts that IoT endpoints will grow from 12.1 billion in 2015 to more than 30 billion in 2020. People and businesses will be continuously connected to interactive data streams that will inform and guide their every move. This trend is so severe that IDC forecasts that by 2020, 50% of the Global 2000 will see the majority of their business coming from digitally-enhanced offerings and operations.
Customer experiences can be massively enhanced by this connectivity through the provision of personalized and contextually relevant data and information which marketers can use to surprise, delight and create advocacy and lasting customer loyalty leading to increased wallet share. Some marketers will abuse this higher connectivity by spamming customers with unwanted messages and content. But their time will be short-lived. Enterprises must embrace digital technologies in combination and balance with a truly customer-centric ethos. In short, only those enterprises that deliver superior and differentiated customer experiences in the omnichannel world of the digital economy will thrive.

By attending this interactive dinner and discussion, delegates  had a great opportunity to learn from and share experiences with their peers, giving them an invaluable insight into how they can:

  • Continuously deliver new experiences and compelling apps for your customers and business partners
  • Embrace the “API economy” and make your digital assets more agile, secure and responsive
  • Plan for the next stage of omnichannel – envision how “Customer Experience Networks” will transform future digital value chains

It was the occasion to learn more about the topic, have peer-to-peer networking, hearing from IDC/Axway experts and meet with the Axway local team.

Dolo Miah (Sopra Steria UK), Stephane Castellani (Axway), Gerry Brown (IDC)

Delegates expressed they faced the following challenges:

  • Be quicker, better and more efficient at delivering new services.
  • Join up the customer experience across the organization.
  • Migrate from legacy to next-gen technology.
  • Be more agile, lean and to deliver customer experience to strengthen their brand.
  • Get clarity on digital opportunities.
  • Change the company culture by helping understand the UX/CX value.
  • Meet ever-changing customer expectations.
  • Reduce costs.

Hot projects they are working on are:

  • PSD2
  • IT Transformation, Data Framework, Analytics
  • IT transformation from legacy to “new world,” i.e., omnichannel
  • Globalization/security
  • Internal an external reporting
  • Business unit integration following the merger
  • Smart metering a mobile transformation

The event helped them understand how to overcome challenges they are facing in this area, establish an independent view of how to progress with a specific project, understand what their peers are doing and learn from their experience. At the end of the dinner, many of them wanted to learn more from Axway about a possible solution to their challenges.

Learn how to deliver superior customer experience with Customer Experience Network (CXN)

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