iOS 8 Readiness Checklist

Apple’s latest mobile OS is due Wednesday, September 17. Are you ready?


I/we have downloaded the XCode 6 GM seed (which requires OS X Mavericks or Yosemite).


I/we have downloaded the iOS 8 simulator and SDK to ensure forward- and backward-compatibility of our apps.


I/we have read the latest in UI guides for the new phone screen sizes.


I/we have mobile test automation scripts to quickly verify our apps in iOS 8.


Our on-call teams are ready to respond with fixes to any issues or poor user sentiment.


Our support staff have been trained on the impact and timing of iOS 8 and are ready for increased support volumes.

As touched on in our post on Apple’s announcements, Appcelerator Platform customers are well covered – for this and any other major imminent OS release. (We’re looking at you, Google.)
If you’re not a customer and you’re curious how the power of the Platform can help, have a look at this short video:

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