Amplify Integration Builder Connector instance variables

Amplify Integration Builder Connector Instance Variables

Most Integration Builder users are familiar with Flow Instance variables. However, Connectors also have instance variables. You can see that when you create a Connector instance and click on the Show Optional Fields button as shown below where I entered a JSON object with property myValue:

This json field is essentially a free text field that can be used as a cache for any connector instance details that need to be stored. You can then fetch the connector instance variables in a flow using a Platform API Request with a GET /instances/{instanceId}/configuration as shown below. This can help avoid excessive calls to a backend.


In this blog, we described Amplify Integration Builder Connector instance variables. We saw how to create the instance variables as JSON objects and how to retrieve the variables in a flow using a Platform API Request: GET /instances/{instanceId}/configuration.

Get more information on Integration Builder and learn about Connector Builder hooks prehook example using crypto.

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