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API Design fundamentals

API Design fundamentals: How to find your mythical “Yggdrasil” of APIs

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was bored and decided to start a new game on my PS4. I recently bought a few, one...
disruptive api trends for 2020

12 Disruptive API Trends for 2020

One of our customers made an astute observation: You've created thousands of APIs, but this one is our first. Over the years, we've worked...
API contract

API Design: Tabs versus spaces

With Thanksgiving behind us, the holiday season is now in full effect with lights on houses, jingles on the radio and relentless commercials reminding...
API Design importance

Why API Design is so important

The (obvious) importance of APIs in this era of modern and powerful web browsers with the rise of smartphones, IoT devices, simplification of protocols...
“Mirror mirror on the wall who has the fairest API of all?”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – Beautiful APIs

Recently, a colleague asked me for examples of “Beautiful APIs.” Immediately I gave a tongue in cheek response that “beauty is in the eye...
API documentation

How to get prepped for creating API documentation

What is API documentation? In order to get prepped for creating API documentation, one must first understand the concept. According to Wikipedia, “API documentation describes...
self-service APIs

Benefits of self-service APIs

In the eighth video on APIs and microservices, you learn how the growing trend for APIs is going in the direction of self-service APIs. It’s...
API strategy

Accelerating business growth via APIs

What did it take for Star Entertainment Group in Australia to solve their digital transformation woes? Our video explores the topic of accelerating business...
APIs and healthcare

APIs and healthcare: Why the healthcare industry needs APIs

APIs and healthcare work hand in hand these days. Across the world, APIs are being utilized in the healthcare industry to work at optimum...
APIs and the art world

APIs and the art world: Working together for digital collaboration

Thanks to APIs, the art world has become completely accessible. It’s no longer necessary to take a flight to see the Mona Lisa in...

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