It’s a jungle out there: How to thrive in an API world

How to Thrive in an API World

Remember how all those “survivalist” TV shows were all the rage a few years ago? In these shows, the host would get dropped into a highly uninhabitable region and would document their “path to freedom.” This would often involve the host having to hack or untangle their way out of a jungle or forest, and at the beginning of each adventure, you could tell – even though they were pros at this – that they were totally overwhelmed. Thriving in an API world is next up.

Thriving in an API world

Why do I bring this all up? Because with the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), organizations are feeling just as overwhelmed as those survivalists by the ever-growing wave of data. And behind all of the Internet of Things devices that are constantly connecting to each other are APIs. So, just as organizations are wondering how to manage the Internet of Things’ data onslaught, another critical question to ask is: thriving in an API world, is it possible? Learn more about IoT and APIs in the world here.

Simply put, it’s the same thing that survivalists rely on when they’re dropped into the wilderness: preparedness. As while the Internet of Things might present complex IT challenges, it also creates a massive business growth opportunity if the right API strategy is in place. And what’s the key to a sound API strategy? Security.

Survivalists will likely tell you that there are a few invaluable items they need in the wilderness: a map, a compass, a knife, etc. But what’s the ONE THING they absolutely cannot be without in order to survive? Water. And as organizations continue to ask how they can crack the Internet of Things puzzle to overtake their competitors, the key thing to focus on is security.


I’ve previously shared the top 10 things to consider in securing the Internet of Things, and I can’t overstate how important this area is as the ever-increasing number of devices that comprise the Internet of Things are loaded with vulnerabilities. Additionally, here you can access a white paper on the most important API security considerations.

Just as a survivalist would never set out on an adventure without access to water, no organization looking to join the Internet of Things party should be without an API security strategy. It’s the difference between thriving in API world and not making it back on your Internet of Things adventure…

Learn how the IoT and integration work so well together.

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