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What is CRE

What is “CRE” and what is the value for Axway customers?

The origins of Customer Reliability Engineering Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) is a practice that was initiated by Google in 2016, following the success and value...
Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport

Getting up and running with Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport

There’s no shortage of information available explaining the value of performing analytical activities with your file transfer data (see MFT analytics and tooltips meet...
MFT maturity

Move up to the highest MFT maturity level by enabling self-service

Mainstream adoption of Managed File Transfer (MFT) started years or even decades ago. Most of the companies are very mature in the way they...

AMPLIFY MFT facts: What you need to know

In today’s world, digital transformation needs to happen fast, not yesterday. That’s why understanding the AMPLIFY MFT facts are so important to this necessary concept. For...

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