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Centralized Management of Decentralization

Centralized Management of Decentralization: API Governance at scale

APIs and API management creates the most value when the APIs are closely aligned with value production and flows so that it becomes easier...
Managed File Transfer solution

An MFT solution that meets the needs of the business

If you need to move files inside or outside your organization, using a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution will undoubtedly add value. There are many...
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Reducing the impact of ransomware attacks and controlling Shadow IT

With a growing tally of high-profile incidents, multiple warnings from European and US agencies on increased cyber threats, employees are tempted to use collaborative...
Syncplicity using DataHub

Syncplicity using DataHub: Millennials beware for the future

Syncplicity using DataHub: Millennials beware! A trend in popular culture today that you may have missed is to catalog the growing list of industries,...
GDPR overexposes Shadow IT

GDPR overexposes Shadow IT

GDPR overexposes Shadow IT Shadow IT is described as IT solutions used within a company without organizational approval. It’s the IT activity that takes place...
Backup is a Feature

Backup is a feature, not a solution!

In a fast-paced business environment, losing documents that knowledge workers invested time and energy into has a significant impact on your business. From missed internal...
IT strategies

IT strategies: In Indiana, State employees choose Syncplicity by Axway

In 2005, the State of Indiana created the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) to revamp its IT strategies and streamline the flow of information...
CIOs, take control of SaaS applications

CIOs, take control of SaaS applications

According to Gartner, by 2017, in large organizations, at least 65% of new integration flows will be developed outside the control of IT departments. For...

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