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Hypermedia APIs

Hypermedia APIs: What are they and what can they do for you?

Like anything in life, APIs come in different "flavors." In the case of APIs, these are called "API Styles," and there are five major...
providential structure of blockchain

Is blockchain the “World Trade Organization” of digital business platforms?

We've been writing several blog posts about the API-First, open everything, and platforming vision. What is clear is the new digital paradigm. In the short...
API linting with Spectral

API linting with Spectral: What is it and how does it work?

API linting is the process of making sure that APIs are not just technically correct (which is the realm of validation tooling), but that...
energy and innovation

Open Everything: What place is there for energy players?

In recent years, energy has been at the center of debates around social responsibility, but it has also become a major line of reflection...

What are the different types of APIs?

There isn't just one type of API (Application Programming Interface) but actually, there are four main types of APIs: Open APIs, aka Public APIs,...
API Portal

Tips for choosing the right API Portal

Selecting an API Portal with the right features is critical to your business because that’s the only communication channel between the API Product Manager...
api as a product

Why you need to plan for positive API ROI (Return on Investment)

Why is it so important to have a positive plan in place for API ROI? First off, what is an ROI? An ROI (Return...
IoT to the rescue

Open Banking adoption: Don’t panic, APIs are here!

Axway’s Team has recently been sharing their expertise during an event discussing how to transform PSD2 (open banking initiative) into a real business opportunity. The...
open API

API security breaches: Facebook restricts its Open API

We have recently been witnessing an ever-increasing number of data privacy and security breaches across many industries. API security breaches and open API are now...

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