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value of an API Gateway

There’s gold in them thar hills

Recently I was working on a pitch to my executive board, and I wanted to include some content that I thought would be perfect...
Microgateway Blog Series, Part 4: Istio – Is it a bird?…

Istio: Is it a bird?… Microgateway Blog Series, Part 4

“It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Super…” No, wait, it's Istio! If you squint, you can just make it out! What is Istio?...
API microgateway

What is an API microgateway?

Complimentary article from David McKenna, VP Engineering at Axway. One tenet of a successful microservice strategy is the adherence to Conway's Law, which results in...

Role of APIs in microservices

Microservice architecture is revolutionizing the way enterprises build their technical infrastructure and develop new applications. They are helping a number of organizations to minimize...
components of an API Management solution

What are the key components of an API Management solution?

Across industries, disruptive competitors, new regulations and rising customer expectations are driving digital transformation. APIs are at the heart of digital interactions that will...

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