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Open Everything

It’s time to Open Everything

So much of our lives are different today than they were in January. Remember those days? Jumping into an elevator, into the back of...
Axway's second collaboration with BFM

Axway launches second collaboration with BFM [French translation provided]

For the second year in a row, Axway is happy to sponsor the Grands Prix de l'Accélération Digitale 2020 (The 2020 Digital Acceleration Awards)...
fallacy of a one-stop-shop

Business and technology: The fallacy of the one-stop-shop

We are using an increasing number of tools that all do one thing extremely well – and the mix looks different for every team,...
Whos's driving transformation?

Who is driving your transformation?

Six months ago, if you had asked, “Who is driving your digital transformation?” the response would have been entirely different from today. Now, the...

How the Catalysts scale! The full 4K Catalyst experience

While our trusty Catalyst, Kay Lummitsch was on lockdown in Zurich, he took time to reflect on his travels; crossing the world and giving...

The number-one bottleneck in digital project delivery

As businesses are transitioning their digital transformation projects to align with current challenges, they are encountering delays. The question asked repeatedly is, "Why can't...
Axway Open Up program

Innovate for people you care about! The Axway Open Up program

I recently had a very interesting discussion with a friend about challenges companies have as they transform and the difficulties they must act at...
legacy technology

Supply chain disruption part 2: Legacy technology just won’t cut it

In my first article, “Coronavirus supply chain disruption: How APIs can help,” I spoke about how the supply chain disruption was testing manufacturing around...

Why being on a Digital Journey is not enough

1979—I was thirteen years old when Pink Floyd released their album The Wall. I was overwhelmed. I can’t tell how often I was listening...
Accelerate Journey

What is Accelerate Journey?

Accelerate Journey is an exciting, new program for a digital state of mind. Through Accelerate Journey, Axway Catalysts — like myself — aims to...

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