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IT modernization

Embrace the wave of digital experience with IT modernization

  No doubt about it, we currently live in an incredibly connected world. From phones, tablets to PCs. If you weren’t already aware, then welcome to...
digital journey

Digital journey around the world

Updated 11/8/18 At Axway Connections back in 2015, Matt Graney and I presented a session on the "Digital Journey Around the World." As an Aussie...
digital business advantage

The future of business: Digital predator or digital prey?

UPDATED 11/5/18 Back in 2015, we finished up Axway Connections North America and it really was an excellent way to spend all this time with our...

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Hybrid Integration Platform

What is Hybrid Integration Platform? How to grow your company forward.

In a world of fast-paced, ever-changing technology, the term Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) is being batted around quite often these days. But for the...

What is a hybrid architecture definition?

Out there in the Hybrid Integration Platform world, there are so many technical words batting around these days that it could be quite confusing....
What is iPaas?

What is iPaaS?

With so many terms in hybrid integration floating around these days, you may ask yourself, what is iPaaS? What is iPaaS? According to Gartner, “Integration Platform...
What is hybrid integration?

Hybrid integration: What you need to know!

A hybrid integration platform strategy is the only viable integration strategy in the digital era to support the fast pace of innovation. The integration...
hybrid cloud integration challenges

Multi-cloud vs. hybrid cloud integration challenges: What’s right for you?

When you ask yourself about possible solutions for multi-cloud vs. hybrid cloud, you must start with the basics. For starters, what is a multi-cloud...

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