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Interoperability Rule in Healthcare

2020 Medicare Interoperability Rule in Healthcare

Even after 10 years of regulatory investment in digital health, we have not solved the problem of sharing data seamlessly between health systems, health...

What are Streaming APIs?

Streaming APIs are used to read data in real-time from the web for consumers for precise, up-to-date results. For example, they are typically used by...

A Complete (B2B) 360°: Integrating EDI and API

As more organizations around the world rely on complex networks of partners, banks, vendors and customers to conduct business, the need for B2B integration...

Digital business initiatives with Managed File Transfer (MFT)

As more and more industries venture into the digital business initiatives, they begin to expose themselves to business risks including data loss, damage and...
roadmap to a digital business

The IT roadmap to a digital business

UPDATED 11/9/18 In our previous installments on digital business imperative, we discussed why the roadmap to a digital business is at the top of business agendas....

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